Welcome to Shiloh Church of God 7th Day.  Shiloh is a unique, culturally diverse church with attendees from at least ten countries over five continents.  This commandment-keeping church is located in Prince Georges County, MD (one of the most exciting and growing counties in the state of Maryland).

We are a congregation which truly loves Yahweh (the Lord).  We have been blessed with consistent, God-fearing and exemplary leadership over the last 50 years.  Our mission is:  to win the unsaved to Christ; develop people to Christ-like maturity; build and maintain strong families and healthy relationships; equip people to live victoriously and overcome life’s challenges; and provide opportunities for people to connect with God and their fellow man through vibrant worship, fellowship and service.

We are a church of edification, deliverance and transformation.  Edification is the motivation and function of love within our assembly that meets the need for spiritual growth.  Edification comes through the messages and teachings of our pastors and ministers in communicate the Word of God, as well as the examples set by their lives being lived out in the fear of Yahweh (the Lord).  We are an assembly that is continuously learning as He gives us more understanding of Him, His will and His ways.

We teach and preach the words of grace and wholeness to those who have been abused, harmed by unhealthy relationships, unwise decisions and destructive habits so that they can be delivered and overcome life’s challenges.  God can and wants to bring you into deliverance and total victory.

Transformation is change.  We change by allowing God to change our hearts, our minds, our words and our actions.

We rejoice in the knowledge that God has crossed our paths today! We pray that He opens our eyes on how we can encourage you to experience the blessings of His presence with us. We do not believe your visit to our church was by chance, so we invite you to join with our church family as we worship, learn, grow and encourage one another.

Yahshua (Jesus) established the church to be a community of believers, a family to encourage each other in unity and to project His love to the world.  If you’re searching for a group of people to accept you where you are and challenge you to grow in your reflection of God’s love, “Welcome” for that is our goal. For those who call this “home”, we commit to pray, to listen with compassion, to forgive and to nurture. We invite you to experience our church family. We invite you to explore the Holy Spirit with us in worship, fellowship and growth.  Welcome!