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Community Life Group

The Community Life Group is Shiloh’s small group ministry. The ministry was birthed out of the vision for fellowship among the brethren beyond the Sabbath by fostering an atmosphere where we can commune together in harmony and unity as a body of Christ. Once we are connected, we can then go out and connect with others who are in need of Christ through discipleship. The ministry is currently led by Bro. Wayne & Sis. Santa Green. To accommodate mid-week family life and schedules, there are currently five groups established geographically and one “satellite” group.

MISSION STATEMENT: To connect with other believers in the body of Christ beyond the church walls, provide biblical guidance and teaching on becoming disciples of Christ and develop disciples to form and multiply small groups in their own community.


1. Relational: provide an atmosphere that will foster building relationships among the body of believers by praying for and with each other, being accountable to one another and approaching one another with the love of God.

2. Foundational: present biblical teachings based on the basic principles of Matthew 22:37-40 and John 13:34-35 – to love God, love His people and be His disciples.
3. Missional: delve into the teachings of the Bible and other materials to assist us in launching the mission of discipleship: to intently win the un- churched and de-churched back to God.

THE WSDnM MINISTRY: WSDnM Widowed, Single, Divorced and never Married

The overall goal of WSDnM is to assist members in becoming whole and complete while fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives whether we are married or single.

MISSION STATEMENT: To enhance growth in Christ by providing spiritual, emotional, and social support for people who are single.

VISION OF THE MINISTRY: To develop an atmosphere where people who are widowed, separated, divorced or never married with or without children can fellowship, grow personally, spiritually and socially by meeting their needs and the needs of others in and outside of the church community.


“And the two shall become one flesh: so that they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder”. Mark 10:8-9

MISSION STATEMENT: To equip couples before and during marriage with tools that will strengthen and perpetuate marriages that are fulfilling and endure the tests of time.

PURPOSE STATEMENT: To promote, develop and foster strong marriages and relationships. To see families grow in Christ-like maturity and have healthy long- lasting relationships.


* Dynamic Marriage (8 Week Interactive Course) * United (8 Week Interactive Course)
* The Art of Marriage
* Couples Retreats and Seminars

* Prepare Enrich Assessment
* Premarital Counseling
* Monthly Fellowship (1st Sabbath)
* Date Nights
* Quarterly Couples Fellowships and Socials
* Small Group Studies
* Book/Video Discussions & Events
* Parachurch Conferences, e.g., Family Life Conferences and Seminars

SYPA – Shiloh Young People Association

SYPA is the youth ministry of Shiloh. Our vision is to create an infrastructure that allows for spiritual growth and development from childhood through young adulthood, producing fully equipped young adults who know their spiritual gifts and are ready for participation and service in ministry. SYPA is comprised of three ministries – Children Connection, ARISE (Awakening Revival Inspiring Supernatural Encounters), and ABLAZE (Authorized believers Living Accountably, Zealously and empowered). Children Connection is led by Donna James. Its mission is to develop children to love the Lord with all their hearts. ARISE is led by Ruth Burrell. Its mission is to let our preteen and teens know that they matter and to work jointly with caring adults to declare the Bible relevant to them. ABLAZE is led by Errol Mowatt and its mission is to inspire and nurture the young adults in their spiritual walk with God one step at a time, no one left behind.